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I like creating projects. I have created some which turned into commercial products and I hope to continue doing so. Most of the time, I have projects in my mind. Some of them are good, some of them are useless. But they all have a good value for me. Some people ask me for projects from time to time and I do not hesitate to share my ideas. I value seeing my projects in life more than earning money from them. So, share your ideas! (Don’t forget to be careful about venture capitalists)

Some of my projects (lucky ones) turned into commercial products and most of them, some I don’t even remember, had been forgotten or lost. To tell the truth, I value my projects that have not turned into products more. A funny thing to consider is that the projects I turned into business were the ones that I got most resistance from people. ReklamGiy for instance, in the beginning, was opposed by nearly everyone I know of. Now it is a 400+ people business.

When you have an instinct for creating projects, you want to move on. That’s why I do not spend more time on old projects like ReklamGiy even though I earn good amount of money from it. I proved that they can be done, and now they are managed by other people.

One of the difficulties I face is to turn projects into products. Since I don’t have time for creating all the projects, most of them stays on paper or idea. I want to focus on creating projects more than building them into real things.

Nevertheless, as I said before, my projects can be about anything. They vary from a milk bottle design to some projects that have technical / innovative background to be asked to apply FP7 (European union founds) by my instructors in Koc University.

So, I decided to put some of the recent projects I worked on into my blog. Anyone can use or get influenced by them. I do not feel bad if somebody does my idea, because I can find more.

Here are some of the projects I recently worked on :

ReklamGiy – (2004) A business based on the idea that people read what writes on other peoples shirts. With the success of this project, nearly 2000 students in Turkish universities wore advertisement t-shirts in campuses and earned their salaries. This project was my first step to real business life. Check it :

iletken (2006-2008) : A very favorite project of mine which includes a deep technological background and great observations on it. It is an innovative content filtering / recommendation engine. It also creates some innovative and effective advertising solutions. The main idea is to use / balance social connections in a way to bring personally relevant content and people to users. It mainly analyses your and your friend’s behaviors and finds the people in your network that you most trust on particular topics. Then it uses this information to bring you the contents that you most likely to be interested in. It is an engine that is specialized on rapidly emerging contents like news and videos. Since it analyzes social connections and interest areas, it emerges some very innovative advertisement solutions based on reaching opinion leaders. I created the first steps of this project for E-Kolay when I was working on TargetYouth. We evolved it when my friends were in need of a senior design project. The final draft of the project got an attention from our instructor so that he asked us to apply for FP7 ( ). Well, it is too long to summarize, but we finished a prototype as a senior design project and spent a total of 7 months on software/business design in order to turn this into a product. Due to lack of sources, we stopped building it. But still, we are glad that we (firat-onur-natan-me) spent 6 months working on it, 3 of it full-time. It thought us a lot. So, here is the presentation which was supposed to be secret 🙂

Botego – (2006-2008) formerly known as Robotdostum: a project based on creating artificial intelligent based (AI terms is open for discussion) software agents (chat-bots) to be used on fields like : Customer relations, support centers, marketing campaigns, data mining and user-friendly web experience. The 2 major aspects of botego project was to 1- Let users reach information using daily language 2- Cut down call center expenses by reducing call center calls between %15-40 by using chat-bots (and also real operators to back up questions that the bot might not give a correct answer) since a great portion of questions that call-center workers has to asnwer to are known and has easy answersö This project, due to some unfortunate events is now unrelated to me in means of business rights. I have developed the business idea, business plan (Excluding the pricing) and a very abstract technological structure. The name has been found by TargetYouth.

And there are allot more varying from t-shirt design websites to social network for pets. And there are some which I am currently working on. Here ıs a very basic one I created 2 days ago.

Milk Bottle Project ! 🙂 I did this 3 days ago. looks basic but I definetly need it. Everytime I get a milk from the fridge, I have to first smell, then taste it to understand if it is fresh !

What I really don’t like is the “Project competitions”. In which a firm asks people to submit their ideas, but never give an appropriate feedback. Even though my first experience turned out to be a success in these kind of experiences, I stopped applying to them after Unilever`s Ideatropy even didn’t reply to my project. 3 or 4 years after I submitted that project for the interest of Unilever, I saw that somebody turned it into a business. So it was not complete rubbish. I cannot say it was a good project but even if it was not, at least it deserved a feedback. And I found something I wrote about that experience of me. Here it is:

So when you are creating an idea competition, if your aim is to improve entrepreneurship of young people, please try to give feedbacks.

And if you are looking for a project, or to discuss your project, you can bug me sometimes.


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