Sperm prezervation

You waste millions of them every week. Have you ever considered storing them? You newer know when you`ll need it.

Life is dangerous. An accident, a disease, a genetic disorder or most probably an angry girlfriend !! It is not possible to know when some can loose fertility.

We waste thousands of them on napkins with the confidence that we will produce more and more whenever required! What if not? What if, when the time comes to intentionally spread some of these little buddies to the woman you want to have kid with, you discover that you had lost that skill some time in the past ?

So here comes my next super big incredible innovative project:

Would`t it be comforting to have a facility, like an insurance company or hospital that preserves your sperm or womanish things (does woman not have sperm? hmm..) for you? You`ll always know that even if you loose your sperm producing facilities (I mean balls) you can still have children. Even if you are dead !

Yes ! So I am looking for Venture Capitalist who will send me aprx. 2 million dollars to start my project 🙂

ps. I checked, somepeople did that !! Damn! Evertime I have a project, somebody outsmarts me 🙂

ps. guess how did this idea came to me?


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