facebook effect: LinkedIn and other Social Networks ! (also bit of class fight)

facebook surely had an enormous effect upon the industry. It is most likely that for some time, many firms are reconsidering their strategies to stay alive. Consider linkedIn, linkedIn had a business by asking people to pay for golden membership in order to send mail to a contact they search for. But hold on a second, you can do that for free in facebook !  I am writing these based on no data. So, don’t rely on them. Also, there is another issue: some firms, in order to keep up with changing trend, tried to use facebook in their favor by adapting their services into facebook(application). I am not sure if that worked for them, but it surely worked for facebook !

I am going to give 2 examples about companies that facebook most probably annoyed alot.

Linkedin : Linkedin was always old-style, no-fun, a little bit anti-technological business networking website in my opinion. Surely they have the strength of business search and background info`s, however Their strength of having business community could have made them think they are quite invincible, and most probably invincible to any other social network. Why? Because social networks are for dating ! or lets say that they are low-professional places. Thus, they can not be a threat to linkedIn. However, facebook changes that ! Surely, facebook has still not managed to be a business portal but it is so popular that you can find many business contacts there. I was trying to get in contact with some some business guy I found to have similar interest. Google result gave me his linkedin page, and linkin asked for money (upgrade membership) to contact him !  Sorry dude, facebook does that for free. I searched him in facebook and voila ! sent the message.

My suggestion is that: linkedIn has to add something clever, smart and innovative to their systems. Something that has a background. In a way, it is good that linkedIn is stable, but adding wisely choosed features in the purpose of business life won`t breake its stable title.

Day is the day of smart systems who tries to decide for you. (check my project iletken below)

Other `social network`s:  I suggest that, instead of fighting with Facebook on the field of `social networking & sharing`, these firms should revise their strategy to focus more on `online dating` activities. These websites were doing good a couple of years ago. But now social networks are struggling to find a market share while facebook grabs them all ! On the other hand, It is clear that `online dating` business never ends and demand rises every day as we spend more time online. A great example of how social networks strugle can be observed in a market in which facebook has recently entered. Lets consider my country, Turkey. Before facebook was international, we had a market leader called Yonja. They had everything you can have in a primitive social networking like: user can view any member, golden membership to add more photos and better search etc… But now what? It is a website only low-class users attend while (what we call) high class, english speaking members switched to facebook!. The interesting point is that, Yonja started as an `English` website, in which they got the members from best universities in the first place. As a counter act, other social networks like mynet or siberalem, concantrated on, non-english speaking users and newbies. Now, Yonja looses their active users. it is obvious that their fight with facebook is hardly to be in their favor if they don`t switch strategy or do something very innovative.

It is also true that, Yonja in this example, started to loose their `elite` users a little before facebook emerged in Turkey. Social network reflects the simple basics of human societies: Class fights ! People don’t want to be on the same social network with people who they think to be a member of a lower class. In non-English speaking communities, English knowledge, most of the time, works as a social level filter, while `elite` members are to understand a website while others don’t. However, this is only a temporary barrier. Class struggle always exists. facebook also solves this issue a bit by having automatic privacy settings that allows people to view onlye people in their network. Since, network mostly means the school or the work place a user belong to, it is a quite accurate social class filter.  I`ll make another article about the class system.


One thought on “facebook effect: LinkedIn and other Social Networks ! (also bit of class fight)

  1. kendimi turkce ifade ediciiim.. Öncelikle linked-in olayında madure dötü kalkmıs bir site gibi gosterilmiş. hayır ben linked-in seviyorum, accountum var, ve evet para vermediiimden işime yarar hiçbirşey bulamıyorum ama para verip siteyi ciddi kullanan firmalar oldugunu biliyorum. Manolyanın öteki yüzü ise dediin gibi farklı (manolya degildi sanki o? 🙂 tanıdıım bildiim butun linked-in üyelerinin facebook hesapları var ve istediğini oradan bulabiliyorsun ancak facebook daha “open” social bir site oldugundan işin bussiness tarafında aynı başarıyı gösteremiyor (“bana 4 yıllık php deneyimi olan ayrıca ünlü php geek osman pehlivan’ın referansına sahip birini bul allahless” diyemiyorsun) bilmem anlatabildim mi. (her ne kadar facebook4bussiness grupları varsada attend, not attendden öteye gidemiyor..) özetlersem evet bence linked-in faydalı, facebooktan iyi tarafları var ancak daha iyisi yapılabilir (yapmaya çalışan tanıdıklarım da var hehehee) ve hatta yapılmalı ve belkide ücretli olması onun istenilen işleyişini sürdürebilmesi için gerekli.

    yonja için aynı uzunlukta konuşamıcam, mynet nasıl hesapladı 15milyon$ verip aldı siteyi bilemiyorum. dediğin sınıf farkı olayı kanımcan doğru, ama habertürk’ün bile manşetten verdiği “facebook artık türkçe” olayından sonra bilemiyorum facebookun kaderide yonjanınki gibi olabiler mi..

    son olarak bir turk buyugumuz ne demiş? “facebook da çok amele doldu bende çıhacaaam!”
    yuh comment rekorumu kırdım öptüm byee:)

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