Chat-rooms strike back ! Facebook groups as chatrooms

Fashion is a loop. We discover something and that becomes the hype. We use that thing and it becomes popular. We overuse something it becomes old. Then after some time, we re-discover what we had discovered before.

I sense that chat-rooms have a great potential. The never-ending quest of discovering new people continues on web. Online-dating is still one of the main motives of people eventhough they try not to mention it.  Did you remember how we used to do that in 1990`s or early 2000`s?  Sure: Chat rooms. No, I don`t mean Instant messaging like MSN-messenger, facebook IM or ICQ. I mean real chatrooms where you don`t have to add somebody to talk. Real chatrooms where you can chat about topics and discover new people.

Facebook, intentionally lacks some features that helps people to discover new people. But it has groups. The problem with the groups is that, eventhough some of them are really creative, the only way you can communicate in a group is the wall=posting, which is not a very bright.

If I were a developer at Facebook, I would allow people to add Applications into their groups. And If I were to develope a Facebook App, I would develope a chatroom application to be used in groups. Since every group or network is like a chat-room in IRC, I think people would addapt easily and it would be very usefull.

Technology evolves. Now we can have chat-rooms where users can send photos, embed videos in their messages, share your music and carry their profiles (real or fake) with them. So why not use that in facebook or any other social network ! It will work!

So this one was a free idea. Next time I`ll charge 🙂


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