Update on Botego post sue threat


Ekim Nazim Kaya, the old partner of mine, claimed that he will be taking legal actions about this blog because of the Botego post I’ve added which was explaining the other side of a success story. I’ll keep this page updated about what will be happening about the issue.

By the way, I have added some more information on the Botego Post so that I can be able to explain what had happened. I’ve added the story of : RobotDostum, which was the first steps of Botego project. I’ve also added some documents I’ve prepared in those early steps. Here is a sneak peak:

“My first action plan had those steps:

  1. Create marketing bots for firms – First income : invest on technology [Botego : Tefal Bot]
  2. Create a female bot that will grab the attention of public : Media & Press covarage and conversation database [Botego: Merve Bot]
  3. Basic FAQ bots to enter CRM field [Botego: Standart service bot]
  4. Build bots (some backed-up with real operators) to convert Call Center services online (typecenter): A good built chat-bot can cut down up to %25 traffic in Call-Center’s. [Botego: Turk Telekom – Yemek sepeti Bot]
  5. Build/Use bots for marketing research, little campaings and HR projects.[Botego: ?]
  6. Use bots as a salesman/marketing agent in online stores. For instance: a Nokia recommender salesmen bot as a banner in hepsiburada.com. [Botego: not yet]
  7. Using Turkish Language Processing techniques, build systems for fast and efficient retrieval of information to be used by Call-Center operators [Botego : Avea and TEB bot]
  8. Build some search engine optimizer with a Natural Language backhand. For instance: Ask to a bot, let google answer. [Botego: not yet]

As you will see, these steps are correlated with the steps Botego is trying to take. Coincidence? “

Here is the old post if you are interested in.


2 thoughts on “Update on Botego post sue threat

  1. RobotDostum’u sunum halinde pazarlama çözümü olarak önerdiğimiz kurumlar var. Bu dosyaların tarihlerinden RD’nin zamanlaması açısından gerekli bilgiler ortaya çıkabilir gerekirse…

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