Spring Framework – Dependency Injection

Spring Framework – Dependency Injection

Last month, I was giving a introductory Spring Framework-DI training to other interns in Turkcell Teknoloji.

Here is the presentation I prepared about: Dependency Injection using Spring Framework in JAVA.

note: Download the .rar and extract all files first.

This presentation was originally prepared to be a supportive tool while I speak, so it is not %100 explatory by itself. Also, I have prepared this one based on a previous one that I had prepared before, so as a result, it turned out to be a turkish-english mixed presentation. Sorry about that.

I think Spring is quite usefull, here are some basic information about this framework:

  • A framework designed to ease or change the way of developing J2EE applications
  • A new way to manage business objects
  • Dependency Injection / Inversion of Controllers is important ! It changed the way I code
  • Very usefull in long-live Enterprise projects due to its capabilities of providing:
  • Maintainability
  • Expandibility
  • Testing opportunities
  • And many more

I am having an internship at Turkcell Teknoloji since the beginning of this summer. While I was applying for the internship, they asked from all participants to do some preliminary work in order to test us.

We were 3 students who chose the job of “Developing a Web Application Using Spring”. I can recommend taking a look at Spring to any developer who has a plan of developing middle-high scale Java Enterprise applications.


3 thoughts on “Spring Framework – Dependency Injection

  1. Hi Sarp,

    I havent worked on a project using “real” j2ee, but i have been told that prior to EJB 3.0 it was as you have said.

    I was reading about EJBs and many people claim that Spring is a very good alternative for the conventional usage of EJBs. As I said, I had given this introductory spring presentation for Turkcell interns and I can say that spring is widely used in many companies including turkcell.

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