Build your own secure Chrome then!

Instead of crying because of the privacy issues of Google Chrome, developers of the open source world can build their own secure-release of Google Chrome, if they seriously think there is a big threat !

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I read the whole user agreement before downloading something !

And I saw that there are some critics going on about Google Chrome’s EULA, especially about the privacy issue. This morning, Google changed their EULA a bit as a response to those critics.

The question: Does or Will Google gather our web browsing data remains unclear to me since there are no official announcements. The only valuable information was on this CNET blog post:

edit: there is a privacy information page from Google.

“Provided that users leave Chrome’s auto-suggest feature on and have Google as their default search provider, Google will have access to any keystrokes that are typed into the browser’s Omnibox, even before a user hits enter.”

“A Google representative told CNET News that the company plans to store about 2 percent of that data–and plans to store it along with the Internet Protocol address of the computer that typed it.”

As I have stated in my previous post, Google seems a bit greedy for the user data. I believe Usage Data is useful to provide better services. So I am not a person to be over-protective, However, this has to be done very carefully. So, if there are this much discussion going on, then it seems like Google was not careful about how they explained their product to the public. Well, there are still no evidence if Google is  gathering your usage data. Here is a link of a nice blog post explaining what he knows about Chrome-Google communication.

So here is a free idea: Since Chrome is opensource, build your own  – secure – no data sending – blessed Chrome? I’m sure you’ll get some fame.

Ps. I am not an expert on license. I know google uses BSD-like license. If what i have suggested cannot be implemented, please let me know.


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