Success !

We have been chosen as one of the 5 finalists of “Strands $100,000 Call for Recommender Startups” with the project “iletken” which I have ben working on for 2 years. I will be presenting our project at the “ACM Recommender Systems 2008 Conference” at Switzerland on October 23-25.

It is a very joyful and encouraging development for us. The winner will get $100k funding but the most important part is to attend to the conference and meet with people who researches on recommendation systems. There were 25 competitors and this call was actually made for companies. So, as 4 collage students, we consider presenting at RecSys08 as a big success. Meanwhile, if we manage to get the $100k that would be just fine ! 🙂

The other finalists are announced at RecSys08 website. I am excited to see that a there are two Netflix price competitor ( commendo (BigChaos) and Gravity RD)  in the list! Wow These two guys have the 2nd and 5th place.

If you are interested on what we are working on, this post includes some details: Modern Oil War of Web: Social Data War

Edit: I want to thank Turkcell Teknoloji for sponsoring some of our travel expenses for the conference.

iletken: murat deniz


5 thoughts on “Success !

  1. Merhaba Deniz,

    Ben’da calisiyorum ve sizleri tebrik etmek istiyorum. Bir Turk olarak beni gururlandirdiniz, gercekten finale kalmaniz bile kendi basina buyuk prestij.

    Benim de bugun haberim oldu, Finalistlerin arasinda sizin takimi gorunce cok sevindim.

    Sana’un invitation only beta’si icin davet yolladim. Eger sign-up etmediysen bi bak derim; sen de diger arkadaslarini davet edebilirsin.

    Tekrar tebrik ederim

    Bol Sans


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