the Red Button

There is a question that I am obsessed with for more than a year since it appeared on my mind. Every person I’v asked gave me the “yes” answer. What would be yours?


You are in a white room with a red button. And there is a black suitcase with 1 million dollars in it.

You hear a sound from the speaker: ” If you press the red button, you will forget the last 10 seconds we will give you the million dollar.”

Would you press that button?

It seems like I can’t press that button no matter what. My conscious that includes the last 10 seconds will be erased. So I feel like the I, as a person who existed for some time including the last 10 seconds, who thought about things like pressing the button will be dead, and some person (me 10 seconds ago) will continue to live.

I just can’t press the button.

Can you?


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